Digital transformation is pushing a continuous evolution of payment systems. The adaptability & efficiency of the entire payment ecosystem depends on uptake by merchants, though there are other stakeholders as well. The major stakeholders being:

  • Merchants
  • Acquirers
  • Issuers
  • Processors
  • Technology vendors
  • Regulators

A major gap is a platform that brings together all stackholders with a focus on Merchants to Eliminate & Manage the following Hurdles, impacting the adoption of electronic payments.

  • Operational Issues
  • Data security (PCI Payment Card Industry standard)
  • Data & Billing Inaccuracy
  • Lack of Training & education
  • No Centralized Visibility
  • Inefficient onboarding of Merchants


We MG360 provide a viable Solution in the form of a Multilingual Platform with all Stakeholders' value.


All the acquiring banks are facing challenges with the current legacy process of provisioning & maintenance of POS Terminal which is an inefficient use of the time & resources and lacks visibility. By contributing to the slowon-boarding/maintenance process makes the banks less competitive, an unfavourable brand Image and by not having proper process/systems in place Impacts Growth & Profit generation. Banks wants to streamline the process & provide the required Services to the Merchants in a timely manner.

SAUDI ARABIA has initiated a vision 2030 where one of the aspects is digital economy. This reflects into enhancing the payment system by shifting to a cashless society.

MG360 has taken the initiative to support this transformation smoothly among all stakeholders and enhance user experience.


MG360 is a bi-lingual platform to enable all stakeholders ( Banks, POS’s Merchants, Merchant service providers, SAMA, and individuals ) for efficient, economical, secure deployment and management of payment systems, and provide knowledge.

  • Web/Mobile Dashboard & Statistics

  • Data Structuring & Cleansing

  • Training & Education

  • Tracking POS Activities

  • Reports

  • Support


  • Dedicated Web/Mobile Platform to manage all the activities related to POS Terminal Provision and Maintenance.
  • Review & recommendations on Optimization of all processes.
  • POS Inspection as per PCI Standards.
  • Merchant’s Data Cleansing & Structuring & verification
  • Visibility enhancement on POS operational activities, issues and resolutions
  • Continuous analysis of POS Terminal deployment and active usage (inactive/idle) across all merchants to economize billing.
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reports.
  • Merchants and individuals certification